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Our Rates

We operate a sliding scale therefore our rates depend both upon the complexity of the job and the wealth of the payer, however as a guide please use the pricing guides below.

For basic bookkeeping services a minimum charge of the equivalent to £15 an hour

For basic co-op advice and support a minimum charge of the equivalent to £40 an hour

For the 'Introduction to Basic Financial Literacy' workshop a charge of £500 a workshop

For more complex advice and support a charge of between £350 and £500 a day.

For bespoke training a charge of the equivalent to £40 an hour.

We are happy to work for less for groups with less funding, however we can't go below our minimum charge, please mention this when asking for a quote.

Please contact us for a full quote

Derbyshire Co-op Support, trading as Acorn Co-op Support is a workers' co-op
registered as a Company Ltd by Guarantee in England and Wales, registration number 8482407.
Registered address 18 Croftlands, Warton, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA5 9PY