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Reports by Acorn Co-op Support

Feasibility Study for a National Body of Student Housing Co-ops: A study written by us for Students For Co-operation. This study identifies the problems limiting the setting up of new student housing co-ops and creates a new model for co-operation to overcome these problems. This is an example of the sort of work we can provide.

How to Guides:

Financial Literacy for Co-ops: We think it’s important that more than one or two people in any co-op understand what's going on with the finances if we want to be truly democratic in our decision-making and develop successful alternative business models. So we wrote this guide aimed at anyone who is involved in co-ops: the aim is to demystify the world of finance to enable all co-op members to fully participate in financial decision-making.

Briefing: The UK VAT System: This is a very brief guide outlining the Value Added Tax (VAT) system in the UK. It is intended for community food growers and looks at the effects of VAT on the most likely income streams of community food growers. It is intentionally brief and provides links for further information. It was written by us for The Growing Together Initiative, a partnership that collaborates to support community growers to develop their income streams and become more self sustaining.

Radical Routes have written several How to guides: How to Set Up a Workers Co-op, How to set up a Housing Co-op or How to set up a Social Centre.

Seeds for Change have produced a large selection of guides on co-operative decision-making and co-ops.

Co-ops UK have a series of Simply Guides that explain all you may wish to know about

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