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Customer Feedback

We value feedback from you, please download and send back this form.

Here is a selection of what previous clients have said about us:

“We’ve shifted from blindly navigating our way through reams of official mumbo jumbo to being in a position where we can be confident in the decisions we make regarding legal structure, finances, business planning, etc. It’s been immeasurably helpful to have the assistance of a trusted co-op guru, and has no doubt saved us time, money, stress and squabbles.” Grace Holland – The Coppice Co-op.

“Ah I finally get it.......” Jack Howe, V3

“Without Andy's support, it would have taken us much longer to arrive at the point where we could present our business plan to our potential lenders.” - Tomas Remiarz – Earthworm Housing Co-op

“He has clarified the seriousness of our financial situation and the actions we must take to document it and given us ideas of how to cope with it. He has given us an important, honest view of the co-operative from an outsider's perspective.” Alistair Brown – Kaba PC CIC

“Andy has been very friendly and reliable. He's been patient with us and has answered our questions and enquiries promptly.” Rosie Barker – The Screaming Carrot Veterinarian Bakery.

“Great, helpful person to work with thank you very much Andy.” Duncan Livermore – Red Acre Growing Project Ltd.

“No complaints” Zig – Leeds Bread Co-op.

“A miniature version of Andy living in our co-op laptop would come in very handy indeed.” Grace Holland – The Coppice Co-op.

Derbyshire Co-op Support, trading as Acorn Co-op Support is a workers' co-op
registered as a Company Ltd by Guarantee in England and Wales, registration number 8482407.
Registered address 18 Croftlands, Warton, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA5 9PY